Selfoss on Centos 7

The target here is a very low resource vps running Centos7. You can use mysql or postgresql, but performance is fine with sqlite database. You'll need the epel repo in order to install python2-certbot-apache.

Here's a great guide for setting up apache with letsencrypt on Centos7.

You'll want to install the following packages

  • mod_ssl
  • python2-certbot-apache
  • php
  • php-gd
  • php-http
  • php-pdo
  • unzip
  • wget

The documentation explains how to set up the config.ini and .htaccess files, RewriteEngine, RewriteBase, database, and explains the apache modules that you want enabled. Hint, use apachectl -M, apachectl help, etc.

You'll probably want to extract the application to /var/www/html/selfoss/ or similar, and then add a configuration.

# /etc/httpd/conf.d/selfoss.conf
Alias "/selfoss/" "/var/www/html/selfoss/"
<Directory "/var/www/html/selfoss">
        Options FollowSymLinks
        AllowOverride All

Make sure that the selfoss directory is owned by apache:apache.